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Hey! I'm Sara

Expert Website Designer
Marketing Maven
& Brand Strategist
I create visually stunning websites that generate leads + profits and accurately + authentically represent your brand

Success from Home Magazine

✓ Website Designer:10 years experience

✓ Designed a site that has generated $55K+ in leads

✓ Founder of The Loft 30A: Premier Branding Agency + Design Studio

✓ Certified Wix Expert
✓ Previously designed on: Wordpress, Weebly, Squarespace, & more

✓ Course-Creator & Tech Expert 👑 

I'm here to help you create a stylish, strategic site designed to expand your brand, establish a professional online presence, and turn your website into a cash-creating lead-machine.

My goal is to turn your website into one of your best marketing investments that's continually increasings it's ROI while becoming your best advertising asset.

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Hello, gorgeous!

What to expect & What's Next

We make it simple to start the design process. 

Step 1: Select the Package or Custom Quote 

✓ Step 2: Pick Your Preferred Payment Method

✓ Step 3: Start the Project

If you have questions about the process or our different payment methods we encourage you to browse the FAQ section or book a complementary consultation to discuss it with one of our designers! or email us

Once your project starts you can sit back & relax knowing that you'll have a world-class website designed and done in weeks (not months or years!)

Custom Websites

When done correctly your website should be your best asset out there building your business 24/7 while increasing your ROI. 

Unfortunately most websites are little more than expensive

virtual brochures. Instead of being an investment; they end up being a huge waste of time (and money). 
We've heard far too many horror stories from our clients

who had horrible experiences or spent thousands on a designer only to have the designer disappear. or never seeing a tangible ROI. 😞  
We're here to change that. 

All of our custom websites come standard with:

✓ Strategic Site Blueprint for Maximum Profits
✓ Copywriting that Converts

✓ Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness
✓ SEO & Social Share Optimization
✓ Competitive Niche Research

✓ 60 Minute Brand Strategy & Style Consultation
✓ 30 Days of Support After the Project

✓ Legal & Compliance Bundle (valued at $2495)
✓ Client Portal & Resource Vault

✓ Optional Add-Ons & Upgrades

We also offer social media & marketing services + courses beyond just your website project so we can serve you and help you build your business + brand at every step of the way. 


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Customer Appreciation Special: Save 10% When you Pay In Full!

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Who We Work With
When it comes to our ideal client; I guess you could say
we have a "type" 

Has a success mindset & is willing to invest

Desires to make an impact & income

✓ Would rather leave the stress & set-up to an expert

✓ Passion & purpose is tied to their product, offer, or idea

If that sounds like you . . . we want to talk! 

We have experience working with local & small businesses as well as online entrepreneurs and creators all the way up to 7 and 8 figure businesses in the tourism industry. 

We love to design for: 
✓ Coaches, Consultants, & Course Creators

✓ Network Marketing Top Earners & Team Leaders
✓ Influencers, Creators, & Entrepreneurs
✓ Travel & Tourism Industry or Destination
✓ Luxury Vacation Rentals

✓ Podcast Hosts
✓ Real Estate Agents
✓ Makeup Artists & Beauty Influencers
✓ YouTubers & Vloggers
✓ Massage Therapists, Spas, & Salons
& more! 

Start Here
Pick the Package that Fits Your Needs & Budget  

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The Stunning Single

You'll  receive a
single-page website designed to sell + generate leads.

The best part? It'll be ready

in 1 week (or less!)

Perfect for courses, coaches,
& sales pages that want a stunning single-page scroll.

1 page

Price: $1495


The Upgrade

Want a customized website without the  completely custom price tag? We'll hand-select styles for you to choose from! 

Launch in 3 weeks (or less!)

Perfect for the business or entrepreneur that only needs a few basic pages for their site

3-10 pages

Payment Plans Available
Price: starting at $2495

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Completely Custom

Are you looking for a website

that is as #NextLevel as you?

We will design the site of your dreams from the ground up complete with branding in

12 weeks (or less!)

Perfect for businesses that have more in-depth or custom requests or are e-commerce.

10-25+ pages

Payment Plans Available
Price: starting at $6995

yacht woman.png

The Total Package

This package includes branding, strategy, a custom website, marketing plan, niche research & a complete brand makeover. 
Welcome to: The Total Package.

Design time: 12-16 weeks 

This is for the ambitious entrepreneur 

that has plans for world domination 💋 

25+  pages
Finance Plan Available 
Price: starts at $14,995

Have a question? Don't see an option that 100% fits? 
Looking for something in-between?
Want a gorgeous done-for-you sales funnel designed? We do that, too.
We're here for you! Just send us an email!

We don't bite & we love to nerd out 🤓 about websites.

Customer Appreciation Special: Save 10% When you Pay In Full!


. . . but you have some questions
before you whip out your CC 💳  and give it to some random internet stranger? . . .  totally understandable. Ask away.


Custom Site FAQ's

What's included with my website package?

You receive:
the ability to sit back, relax, and enjoy the process while we handle all of the set-up & stress for you hey: we like this stuff! 💋🍷

In all seriousness it's our goal to provide a 5-Star design experience that includes:
- Design & Style Consultation where we get to know you & your personal / brand style
- 3 to 5 site style choices that are hand-selected based on your design & style consultation
- SEO + competitive niche research (each of your pages will be set-up & SEO optimized)
Our goal through the entire process is to maintain clear & open communications.
We welcome you to play an active part in the design process and we will seek your feedback to ensure that you love your website!

How does the whole process work & what can I expect?

The first steps will be to help you decide what site and package will be best for you, your business, where you're at and where you desire to be.

Instead of just trying to sell you on our highest package; we want to make sure that your website has the maximum ROI (return on investment) for where you're at and what your current investment ability is.

our philosophy is that once your site is producing customers & cash flow: you can always come back to us and upgrade in the future!

Next, as soon as the initial payment is received we can get to the FUN PART!
- the design & style!

The process includes several milestone "check-ups" and you will get to select from website templates to get an idea of your unique style.

Before we turn over the finished project we will schedule a final design & style appointment to make sure that you're 100% satisfied.

After the project is finished you can decide whether you would like us to turn over the website to you & your marketing department or we would be happy to discuss our options for our "client concierge" host packages.

What platform do you design on?

Our lead designer & founder (Sara Michaels) started out designing on Wordpress and then through the years also designed on Squarespace, Weebly, Joomla, GoDaddy & more before switching to EXCLUSIVELY using Wix as the platform we design on here in the studio.

Our clients are extremely happy and we would be happy to show you all the features and the reason why we've chosen Wix; because we're confident that once you see what it offers . . .
you'll want it, too. 💋

Wix is more than just a website design platform.
It is an all-in-one business solution that streamlines your business and is the perfect solution for many entrepreneurs, influencers, and online creators.

Wix Offers:
+ Blog Function
+ Events
+ Calendar
+ Maps
+ App Market (with HUNDREDS of built-in apps & integrations!)
+ Forms
+ Integrations & Automations Built In
+ Email Marketing
+ Video Maker
+ Facebook & Instagram Ads
+ Social Share Optimization
+ Membership
+ Secret or Login Pages
+ Forums
+ Payment Gateways & Paid Plans
+ Price Quotes, Invoices,
+ CRM (Contact Manager)
. . . & more!

What are the payment options & do you offer Payment Plans?

YES 👏 we 👏 do 👏
Please ask your designer about them during your consultation!

We understand this is an investment and we've incorporated payment plans into our packages.
Here is an overview of the different payment options we offer
(but please note: to get a custom one for you this will be discussed during the consultation & application process! Please talk to us if you have any questions or concerns about payment options. We do our best to work with you!)

We're all in so we want to reward the clients that are, too!
This is an exciting option as it offers you a great way to save a little extra money!

This option is available at no charge. It requires a 50% deposit due prior to the start of services with the final deposit due prior to the turnover of the final design.

PAYMENT OPTION 3: Flex Finance Plans
This option is the perfect way to make the website of your dreams affordable and achievable!
With a deposit you can "flex the rest" of the remaining website price in 3 month, 6 month, or up to 12 months! It does require a deposit up front (the exact amount is dependant on the project price and length of the flex finance plan) This option is available to qualified applicants by application only. If you are interested in the Flex Finance option please ask our team during your consultation!

Why are there other websites & designers out there that are so much cheaper?

There's really no way to sugarcoat this.

I have heard horror stories from clients who paid for the "do everything for $999" guy.
The website looked like it was designed by a toddler in the 90's and cheap websites can actually harm your brand's image. Not to mention one client ended up going with a "cheap" designer, ended up being a huge waste of money, & then came back to hire us later on.

It's better to do it right from the start.
If you're looking for cheap, corner-cutting website design; we strongly encourage you to go elsewhere.
We aren't cheap and we don't cut corners.
We believe a proper website is one of the conerstone, foundational pieces of building a brand or business online and we strive to deliver quality.

It's our desire to only work with clients that understand & view their website as an investment.

Our premium design services are a full-suite package that goes beyond just design and include high-conversion copyrighting, the Maximum Profit Blueprint & Strategic Site Design as well as SEO and competitive niche research.

We are also up-to-date on all of the industry and legal standards and design your site within the best of our abilities to be compliant with:
- ADA Compliance
- GDPR - CCPA (starting enforcements in 2020)

We went out and hired a legal team (hint: it's not cheap) that drafted a Legal & Compliance bundle that we make available to each of our clients and includes things like: Privacy Policy, Legal, Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers, & more. If you were to go out and purchase each of these items that we included on your own it would cost $2495+

and we include this - at no charge - with your custom website package. Our websites are designed to be an investment into your business that is continuing increasing in ROI instead of being a virtual brochure that depreciates in value.

Schedule Your Complementary Consultation 💕 
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