Why Wix?

More than just a website; with Wix you will have an all-in-one business solution.

Imagine if instead of having to duct-tape & hodge-podge your way to a functioning website + spending way too much money and time trying to manage all of these expensive plug-ins, apps, & extensions; you could have it all in one place?

Now you can with Wix. 
it's why I started using it exclusively for myself and my 1:1 website design clients & what I recommend to other entrepreneurs!

All of these in one place on one platform. 

✓ Blog + Website 

✓ Customer + Client Management
✓ Workflow & Automations
✓ SEO 

✓ E-Commerce Capability

✓ Payment Portal + Paid Plans & Recurring Payments

✓ Mobile Optimization

✓ Price Quotes, Invoices, & more
✓ Calendar + Appointment Booking Tool

✓ Live Chat

so much more! 

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